CPSO Supports Physicians During COVID-19

Three doctors conferring over a chart

We are
facing unprecedented challenges. The COVID-19 global pandemic has created
extraordinary disruption. And for physicians, especially those of you working
on the front lines, much has been asked of you as you care for your patients.
We are extremely grateful for the many sacrifices that you are making in such
an uncertain and frightening time.

During this tumultuous period, we wanted to share with you how the CPSO is supporting physicians and providing guidance. The CPSO’s expectation during a public health emergency is that physicians act in the best interests of their patients and support the provision of care directly or, where necessary, indirectly by supporting their colleagues and the larger system in responding to the emergency. More than ever, it is important for those of us who work in the health-care system to collaborate to meet the challenges we see today and the days ahead. 

The College’s Public Health Emergencies policy, updated in 2018, addresses such issues as the importance of staying informed and being prepared. It also addresses those instances in which a physician may practise, temporarily, outside his or her scope of practice.

We are committed to providing support to you during this period. In addition to the policy, we have a number of resources and FAQs on our website.