Update on OntarioMD’s Notification System

Illustration of a healthcare worker administering a COVID-19 test

In the last issue of Dialogue (Volume 16, Issue 3 2020), we published an article that detailed how OntarioMD adapted its digital notification system to send notifications of the availability of patients’ COVID-19 test results to their physicians’ electronic medical records. This prompts clinicians to retrieve the results in OLIS and make informed decisions based on timely information.

OntarioMD listened to physician feedback that its Health Report Manager (HRM®) tool was sending too many notifications about the availability of COVID-19 test results to physicians’ EMR inboxes. OntarioMD worked with Ontario Health to reduce the volume of notifications of COVID-19 test results available in OLIS to POSITIVE results ONLY. The change was implemented in mid-November. If you have feedback on HRM, let OntarioMD know at [email protected].