Methadone Maintenance Treatment Policy Rescinded

Physician speaking to someone holding a clipboard

Council rescinded the College’s Methadone policy, program standards and guidelines at its March meeting.

The move is in keeping with CPSO’s commitment to the continued modernization of our approach to regulation, and the evolution of medicine as it pertains to methadone and the treatment of opioid use disorder more broadly. 

In coming to its decision, Council members agreed the current approach to regulating methadone has created real or perceived barriers that compromise access to and the delivery of high-quality care to patients.

CPSO’s significant oversight of this space has acted as a disincentive to physicians wanting to include this treatment within their scope of practice. This limits access to care and restricts the availability of treatment modalities to patients otherwise within treatment programs.

To support the profession and protect the public, transitional guidance specific to methadone has been developed and outlined in the Prescribing Drugs Advice to the Profession. Key topics addressed include: educational options, risk mitigation strategies, and continuous quality improvement and oversight to ensure the public is protected.