Whitelist CPSO Emails

New email notification on a laptop

CPSO uses electronic communications to relay to you important membership and regulatory updates. We try to keep our presence in your inbox to a minimum for essential notices and reminders only. The College works on the assumption that our members receive all of our emails. Please ensure the organization or email platform you use does not block emails from the @cpso.on.ca domain, pushing them to your junk folder or preventing their delivery. It is important you are able to receive information that may affect you or your practice. For example, if you do not receive a notice of annual renewal in a timely way, it could lead to late charges — and even suspension.

If you are not sure how to check or how to whitelist these emails, you can contact our helpdesk for assistance at [email protected] or, where applicable, you can contact your in-house IT department.

Please note: it is not an option for members to opt out of CPSO communications. Please do not unsubscribe from College emails.