‘In Dialogue’ Episode 12: Anti-Black racism’s impact on healthcare

In episode 12 of “In Dialogue,” CPSO EDI Lead and Medical Advisor Dr. Saroo Sharda speaks to Dr.  Natasha Johnson, a pediatrician and inaugural Associate Chair of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Department of Pediatrics at McMaster University, about naming racism and engaging with communities to understand their diverse needs, considering the micro, mezzo and macro levels when developing strategies, and history’s influence on interactions with the health system.

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Dr. Johnson is an Adolescent Medicine Specialist and Associate Professor of Paediatrics, Adolescent Medicine and General Pediatrics at McMaster. In addition to being an accomplished clinician, she is a leader and steadfast advocate for equity-deserving groups, particularly those historically marginalized in the Canadian health care system. In 2016, Dr. Johnson established a clinical service for trans and gender diverse youth at McMaster Children’s Hospital and was presented The Pat Mandy Inclusion Award for her work with gender-diverse youth just two years later. She was also the medical co-director of the Eating Disorder Program at McMaster Children’s Hospital for eight years.

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