Advice Clarifies Responsibility for Ordering of Tests

Cartoon Doctors putting together large puzzle pieces

CPSO has updated advice for its Managing Tests policy to clarify its expectations for the ordering of tests in certain situations and to bolster collaboration among physicians.

What is the responsibility of physicians who provide e-consult services for ordering tests?

Physicians who provide e-consult services may not assess patients directly but might recommend that a test be ordered. In these cases, the physician seeking advice from the e-consultant physician would order the test and follow-up on the results.

Who is responsible for ordering and tracking tests in the context of urgent episodic care?

In some situations, physicians might provide urgent or emergent episodic care, such as in an emergency department. Any recommendations for additional non-urgent investigations that fall outside of the acute care being provided are not generally the responsibility of the physician providing the urgent or emergent care.

“In the context of system pressures, it has become even more important that all doctors work together to support each other as they deliver quality care to Ontario patients,” said Dr. Ian Preyra, Chair of CPSO’s Board of Directors.