Committee Referral No Longer Required for Two More Registration Policies

A cartoon physician running to an appointment.

Great news! Applicants who satisfy the alternative qualifications outlined in two recently approved registration policies can now be registered without referral to CPSO’s Registration Committee.

The Registration’s Committee’s recommendation to the Board of Directors (formerly Council) to have these applications processed without Committee involvement could see applications processed, at a minimum, three weeks earlier.

In early 2023, the Board of Directors approved the Acceptable Qualifying Examinations and Recognition of Certification without Examination Issued By CFPC policies. In each policy, the alternative qualifications that the Registration Committee may accept are clearly defined.

Since the Board’s approval of both policies in April 2023, 291 applications have been received by the Committee for candidates who meet the criteria.

Since October 2018, the Registration Committee has issued a series of Directives to the Registrar which provide that, if an applicant has satisfied the requirements of a particular policy, and all other requirements for registration are met, including the non-exemptible requirements set out in Section 2(1) of Ontario Regulation 865/93 (the “Registration Regulation”), the Committee considers the relevant section of the Registration Regulation to be satisfied.