The Launch of the Discipline Tribunal

Reading time: 5 minutes Effective September 1, 2021, the CPSO Discipline Committee became the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal (OPSDT) — a move that better signals its neutrality and independence from the College.

A Generalist at Heart

Reading time: 6 minutes We recognize Ottawa’s Dr. Elizabeth Shouldice with a Council Award for her extraordinary work in helping her patients who suffer an addiction to opioids and those she cares for in the emergency department.

A “Guideline of Guidelines”

Reading time: 5 minutes CAMH led an initiative that synthesized key recommendations for treating and managing Opioid Use Disorder from existing standards, guidelines, expert opinions and best practices across Canada.

Responding to Risks Posed by Illegal Street Supply

Reading time: 3 minutes New guidance is available for physicians working with a population who have higher levels of tolerance to opioids, which could help patients better manage their withdrawal, prevent cravings and reduce the risk of overdose.

ER Toolkit for Initiating Buprenorphine

Reading time: 3 minutes A group of addiction medicine experts developed a toolkit to support emergency medicine physicians in initiating buprenorphine to high-risk patients, increasing their chances of continuing treatment after discharge.

Minimizing Misdiagnoses

Reading time: 4 minutes Arriving at the correct diagnosis while contending with numerous complicating factors can be challenging. But maintaining situational awareness is critical, a CMPA educational session was told.

A Beautiful Death

Reading time: 10 minutes For many people with terminal and life-threatening illnesses, there’s no place like home. We interview several doctors who dedicate themselves to making their patient’s last wish come true.

The Ontario Patient Ombudsman

Reading time: 5 minutes As an office of ‘last resort,’ the Patient Ombudsman only deals with complaints that patients or their families have already tried to resolve somewhere else. Since COVID-19, the office has never been busier.

Responding to MCC Decision

Reading time: 2 minutes Following the Medical Council of Canada’s decision to discontinue one of its qualifying examinations, CPSO Council passed, in principle, a registration policy to address the new landscape.

September 2021 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute Read highlights of the discussions and decisions made at the September meeting of Council, including our initiatives in right-touch regulation and approval of the Complementary and Alternative Medicine policy.

Patient Bias, Physician Burnout

Reading time: 2 minutes As hospitals begin to grapple with the issues arising from patient bias towards physicians, CPSO President Dr. Judith Plante explains why it is an issue of concern for the College.

An End to a Busy Summer

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore, College Registrar, provides highlights of the activities of the last quarter. She also explains why patient bias expressed towards physicians and trainees is an issue of concern.