eConsult Allows Doctors to Tap into Prompt Advice from Specialists

Reading time: 4 minutes The Ontario eConsult Program enables requesting primary health care providers to ask clinical questions to a specialist electronically and receive a response within days, often eliminating the need for an in-person patient.

Filling a Gap in Opioid Education

Reading time: 5 minutes Helping clinicians acquire the skills to improve pain and opioid management is a priority. The University of Toronto and McMaster programs show that the right e-Learning offers an effective prescription for progress.

Succession Planning will Help Prevent Abandoned Records

Reading time: 2 minutes The Information and Privacy Commissioner has set out some steps to help health-care custodians keep the health information of their patients private and safe.

When your Rostered Patient Seeks Care Elsewhere

Reading time: 2 minutes Has your rostered patient sought care elsewhere? It can be frustrating, but don’t react in anger. Instead communicate with your patient to ensure that they understand the obligations within a rostered relationship.

One Issue Per Visit Strategy Could Pose a Safety Risk

Reading time: 3 minutes Restricting your patient to addressing one-issue per visit can pose a risk. It requires patients to triage their own health issues – something many patients are not capable of doing.

Communication Lessons from a TV Doctor

Reading time: 5 minutes The Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science has developed a series of workshops and programs taught at medical schools.

Approval of Premises Needed Before Services Provided to Patients

Reading time: 3 minutes Physicians are reminded that they can only perform procedures using certain types of anesthesia, including nerve blocks, in a non-hospital site if the premises has first been approved by the College.

For Smart Medicine, Choose Wisely

Reading time: 4 minutes Many tests, treatments and procedures may be unnecessary. Open dialogues with patients never are. Discuss with your patients why a particular test might not be in their best interest.

Peers Helping Peers

Reading time: 8 minutes Caring for patients with opioid addiction and chronic pain can be challenging in the context of a family practice. However, help is available.

How to Treat Stigma

Reading time: 8 minutes The Mental Health Commission of Canada has reported that many people with mental health problems experience some of the most deeply felt stigma from front-line health-care professionals. We take a closer look in our Doc Talk Column.

A Sensitive, Deliberate Approach to Draping

Reading time: 3 minutes A new video demonstrates proper draping and gowning techniques in order to minimize misunderstandings between physician and patient.

Giving Physicians the Tools They Need

Reading time: 5 minutes Several health system agencies have developed initiatives that give physicians the access to information they need in order to make informed, rational prescribing decisions. We profile several of the initiatives here.