Transgender Health

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Close-up of pride flag waving in the wind

In 2020, nearly half of transgender and non-binary people reported having one or more unmet health care needs in the previous year. That’s even though 81 percent had a primary health care provider. That contrasts with just four percent of the general population who said they had an unmet health care need. Twelve percent of trans and non-binary respondents said they avoided going to emergency in the past year despite requiring care.

What is keeping these people away from the emergency department and their doctors’ offices?

In the next issue of eDialogue, we take a closer look what needs to be done to ensure patients can access affirming, competent transgender health care.

Last year, CPSO made a commitment to do more in the equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) space. We are committed to finding new ways to address systemic inequalities and health disparities. In the coming year, we are focusing on meaningful ways we can raise awareness and address the issue of implicit bias.