New Language for Clinician Distress

Reading time: 4 minutes More physicians are using the term “moral injury” to describe their distress as it acknowledges something larger is at play than just burnout, locating the source in system dysfunction.

Antipsychotic Use Rose During Pandemic

Reading time: 5 minutes Before the pandemic, antipsychotic prescribing was on a steady decline. Recent data, however, show prescribing rates have increased in several provinces, including Ontario.

Tap Into Your Team’s Superpowers

Reading time: 5 minutes When health care professionals work together, it can foster healthier patients, happier professionals and more efficient health care operations, says Dr. Brian Goldman.

Surge in Cannabis Poisonings Among Children

Reading time: 3 minutes Hospitalizations for unintentional cannabis poisonings among Canadian children has surged, particularly in provinces where the sale of cannabis edibles is allowed.

Minimizing Harm for Medical Cannabis

Reading time: 2 minutes The Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada says it has become aware of the occurrence of harmful errors related to medical cannabis; adopt best practices, it urges.

Tips for Quality Improvement Initiatives

Reading time: 5 minutes Participating in Quality Improvement initiatives can allow physicians to achieve measurable changes that make a real difference to patients’ experience.

Nuanced Conversations and Deprescribing

Reading time: 3 minutes In order for deprescribing to be successful, it’s essential physicians understand the values of their patients and align deprescribing with the patient’s priorities.

Health Care System’s Carbon Footprint

Reading time: 4 minutes A Choosing Wisely Canada keynote panel connects the dots between the health care system’s carbon footprint, waste in practices, and the ultimate harm to patients and the planet.

Email Communication can Pose Risks

Reading time: 3 minutes One of the major risks of using modern technology to communicate personal health information is that it could be inadvertently disclosed to someone who should not have it.

Digital Initiatives

Reading time: 3 minutes OntarioMD has undertaken several digital health initiatives to make it easier for physicians to manage their practice and provide effective patient care during the pandemic.

Creating an Inclusive Space

Reading time: 8 minutes We provide guidance on how to make your practice a safe place that encourages gender-diverse patients to share all their health concerns with you.

Conducting Sensitive Exams

Reading time: 5 minutes Communication prior and during intimate exams are key, and allow the patient to feel a sense of control. A former chair of the ICRC provides further guidance.