Creating an Inclusive Space

Reading time: 8 minutes We provide guidance on how to make your practice a safe place that encourages gender-diverse patients to share all their health concerns with you.

Conducting Sensitive Exams

Reading time: 5 minutes Communication prior and during intimate exams are key, and allow the patient to feel a sense of control. A former chair of the ICRC provides further guidance.

Recording of Appointments

Reading time: 3 minutes We provide some guidance as it becomes more common for patients to request to record their medical appointments via audio, video or photography.

Supply Shortage Consequences

Reading time: 4 minutes Physicians are urged to conduct medication reviews to help determine what, if any, therapeutic consequences may result when changes to a medication regimen are needed.

Mindful Medical Practice

Reading time: 7 minutes Dr. Ron Epstein is among the foremost experts in mindful medical practice. He talks to Dialogue about what defines mindfulness and why it matters for doctors.

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Reading time: 6 minutes A new program in Toronto offers an avenue in preventing child sexual abuse by aiming efforts at would-be offenders before they cross the line.

Button Battery Ingestion

Reading time: 5 minutes Battery ingestion can become a life-threatening event if not identified and removed expeditiously. Close follow-up is also required to assess the degree of ongoing injury.

Vaccine Hesitancy

Reading time: 6 minutes Physicians remain the most trusted source of vaccine information. So, they have a unique role in helping their patients get vaccinated, says Dr. Kieran Moore, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health.

A “Guideline of Guidelines”

Reading time: 5 minutes CAMH led an initiative that synthesized key recommendations for treating and managing Opioid Use Disorder from existing standards, guidelines, expert opinions and best practices across Canada.

Responding to Risks Posed by Illegal Street Supply

Reading time: 3 minutes New guidance is available for physicians working with a population who have higher levels of tolerance to opioids, which could help patients better manage their withdrawal, prevent cravings and reduce the risk of overdose.

ER Toolkit for Initiating Buprenorphine

Reading time: 3 minutes A group of addiction medicine experts developed a toolkit to support emergency medicine physicians in initiating buprenorphine to high-risk patients, increasing their chances of continuing treatment after discharge.

Minimizing Misdiagnoses

Reading time: 4 minutes Arriving at the correct diagnosis while contending with numerous complicating factors can be challenging. But maintaining situational awareness is critical, a CMPA educational session was told.