COVID-19 President

A Moment for Profound Appreciation

Reading time: 2 minutes
Dr. Brenda Copps

I am going to start this letter, my first to the profession as the CPSO President, by thanking all of you. As we work long hours on the front lines of this pandemic, we are facing unprecedented challenges. I know how worried you are about your patients, your families and your own health, and yet you continue moving forward in a very uncertain time. So, thank you.

At the CPSO, we are focusing our resources on managing the situation and responding to the needs of a health system under terrible strain. To meet an increased need for medical providers, we have created an expedited process for a Short Duration Certificate for CPSO applicants, which provides for a supervised license for a period of 30 days. We are also working closely with our colleagues across the country to expedite the registration of interprovincial applicants.

We also want to support you as you care for your patients. So as you have been sending us questions, we have been putting together answers and posting them on our website. The issues that we have provided guidance on range from virtual care to prescribing. We are updating these FAQs regularly so please check often and if you don’t see a question addressed that you believe is important, please email me directly at [email protected].

I know this is a challenging and uncertain time — it is easy to focus on the chaos, the anxiety and the frightening things happening in the world. But I take much comfort and strength in your commitment to quality care. Together, we will make it through this crisis.

Stay safe and be well,