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New electronic portal requires by-law changes

CPSO is hard at work developing a new Member Portal, which Ontario’s 40,000+ licensed physicians will start accessing later this year.

This exciting new platform will be fully web-based, and connect to our new internal membership management system (nicknamed “Solis”). We expect significant improvements to user experience and enhanced self-service capabilities for all CPSO members. For example, members will be completing all activities related to professional corporations online, and any service requests, such as name change or requesting copies of documents, will be made through the portal.

The new Member Portal, which will be available in September, will also act as a secure channel for members and the College to communicate directly.

Given this new way of interacting with members, some of the College’s communications — which previously may have been sent out through email or regular mail — will be communicated through the Member Portal.

The General By-law currently permits communications to be conducted electronically in some instances. However, the proposed By-law amendments, if approved, would expand what is allowed.

In particular, notices by members to CPSO of change of shareholders of health profession corporations, and notices to members by CPSO of emeritus status renewal, would be allowed to be communicated through Solis.

The proposed by-law amendments follow (strikethrough text denote deletions and bolded text denotes additions):

General By-Law

Notification Required by Members

 s. 51 (3) The College may forward to its members from time to time request s for information from its members. in a printed or electronic form approved by the Registrar. In response to each such request, eEach member shall accurately and fully provide the College with the information requested using the Member Portal (as defined in subsection 51(8)), or such other form or method specified by the College complete and return such form, electronically or otherwise as specified by the College, by the due date set by the College. A request for member information may include (but is not limited to) the following:

…(c) a description or confirmation of the services and clinical activities provided at all locations at which the member engages in medical practice; …

s. 51(7) Upon request of the College, a member shall provide to the College, in writing or electronically as specified by the College, acceptable documentation confirming completion of continuing professional development programs in which the member has participated during a specified period of time.

s. 51 (8) Where the College specifies, or these By-laws require or permit, that a member provide or submit to the College a notice, information, declaration or other documentation electronically, the term “electronically” includes (but is not limited to, unless the College specifies otherwise) the College’s electronic member portal system (the “Member Portal”).

Fees and Remuneration By-Law

Failure to Provide Information

13. The College may charge a member a fee of $50 for each notice it sends to the member for his or her failure to provide by the due date or, where there is no due date specified, within 30 days of a College written or electronic request in a form approved by the Registrar, any information that the College is required or authorized to request and receive from the member.

Please provide any comments to the proposed by-law amendments at [email protected] by August 19, 2020.