‘In Dialogue’ Episode 11: System barriers in caring for unhoused populations

Reading time: 2 minutes

In episode 11 of “In Dialogue,” CPSO Senior Communications Advisor Mark Sampson speaks to Dr. Jonathan Wong, a family physician with Inner City Health Associates and program lead for the Street Clinical Outreach for Unsheltered Torontonians (SCOUT), about the correlation between housing and healthcare, the importance of follow-up and continuity in care, and widespread system issues affecting patient health outcomes.

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This is part two of our two-part conversation with Dr. Wong, a.k.a. Dr. Johnny as he’s known amongst his colleagues and clients. He’s dedicated his career to working with people experiencing homelessness in the Greater Toronto Area, working almost exclusively with Inner City Health Associates since completing his residency. He works at a drop-in shelter, performs street medicine and works closely with the Seeds of Hope, CPSO’s chosen charity for three years, providing health care to the hundreds of people using their services. He emphasizes the criticalness of trust and relationship building with this particular population, as well as ensuring the care they receive is dignified and allows them to maintain autonomy.

Check out part one of our conversation with Dr. Johnny from November 2022, in which he discusses providing health care to unhoused and preciously housed populations, building trust within the community, and the system issues revealed during the pandemic.

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