Fees Waived for “Moonlighting” Residents

Illustration of "fee" being cut

Policy plays a vital role in helping hospitals meet clinical demands

Council has waived the application fees for residents who practise outside of their postgraduate training program for pay in an effort to recognize the ongoing efforts by Ontario’s residents to provide system coverage.

Throughout the pandemic, “moonlighting” residents played a key role in alleviating pressures caused by the ongoing human health resource crisis. In waiving the application fees — currently $1,035 — Council is hoping that other residents will be encouraged to apply under CPSO’s Residents Working Additional Hours policy and further support staffing needs in an under-resourced system.

The decision to encourage residents to participate under the policy — often referred to as the “Moonlighting” policy — is especially important given the cessation of the Ontario government’s Medical Resident Redeployment (MRR) Program.

In April 2021, the government launched the MMR Program to support hospital staffing and capacity pressures caused by the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program allowed residents to provide additional services at hospitals across Ontario for pay, without requiring an independent practice license, a Restricted Registration certificate or Program Director approval. The program was extended to March 31, 2023.

As the MRR Program ends, and the acute COVID-19 pandemic emergency eases and transitions to an endemic situation, the strain on the Ontario health care system and health human resources remains at a critical level.

“This policy has played a vital role in helping hospitals meet clinical demands and staffing needs during a time when the system is so under-resourced,” said Dr. Rob Gratton, CPSO Council President.