Recognize Excellence with our Council Award

A physician having a positive interaction with a patient

For nearly 25 years, CPSO has been recognizing Ontario physicians who demonstrate excellence with the presentation of our Council Award.

It is important we continue to shine a light on the crucial role physicians play in our communities, especially given the challenges presented to the health care system over the past few years.

Physicians do not typically receive many compliments over the course of their day. Nominating a deserving colleague for a Council Award would be an important way to celebrate their contributions and support the overall profession. 

CPSO updated the nomination process for the 2024 Council Awards to make it easier for you to submit an application. Nominators can complete a simple, online application. 

Nominated physicians must be licensed in Ontario and have a proven track record of excellence in one or more of the following categories:  

  • Clinical care 
  • Healthcare innovations 
  • Program development 
  • Health care leadership 
  • Community impact 
  • Role model 
  • Teaching or research 

Nominations will be accepted until September 15, 2023. Please contact the Governance Department at [email protected] if you have any questions.