Fee Waived for Out-of-Province Residents

A physician sitting at a laptop and writing a note

Council will waive the application fees for residents registered in another Canadian jurisdiction seeking to complete an elective in Ontario.

In CPSO’s most recent effort to alleviate some of the strain on the health care system, residents from outside the province who choose to do an elective rotation in Ontario will not need to pay the application fee for the issuance of a time-limited postgraduate certificate.

The application fee is $431 and certificates can be issued for a period ranging from several days to no more than 15 weeks.

In coming to its decision, Council agreed an application fee could pose a barrier to registration for some residents, and waiving the application fees for out-of-province electives allows CPSO to support enhanced learning opportunities and promote increased inter-provincial mobility.

The application itself has few requirements as the resident is currently registered in another Canadian jurisdiction and has undergone a review of qualifications.

For the 2023 calendar year, CPSO has 331 planned electives for individuals registered in another Canadian province/medical school.

Electives, by nature, require an individual to hold an appointment as a resident at a Canadian medical school, and, by extension, requires an individual to hold a postgraduate license in their jurisdiction and pay membership fees to their home medical regulatory authority.