CPSO’s Modernization of Governance Changed Through By-law

Reading time: 5 minutes Council continues with its initiative to modernize governance through a refresh of its by-laws. The most recent changes include a new election model and updated governance terminology.

Peers Supporting Peers

Reading time: 7 minutes The good news is the peer support program at Western University is, by all measures, a success. The bad news is that its success is an indication of how many physicians are in distress.

Updated Expectations in Medical Assistance in Dying Policy

Reading time: 2 minutes The Board has updated expectations and advice for physicians who provide medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Professionalism and Your Practice

Reading time: 2 minutes It’s been 17 years since we developed our key resource on professionalism. Your input is needed as we update it to reflect the core values and duties that reflect the current practice of medicine.

Social Prescribing

Reading time: 7 minutes The link between health status and the social conditions in which we live have long been known. What’s new is the push to make social interventions a routine part of health care.

When Behaviour is a Barrier to Collaboration, Quality Care

Reading time: 2 minutes Unprofessional behaviour can hinder collaboration and affect patient care. Let us know what you think of our draft policy.

Board Approves Physician Assistant Regulations 

Reading time: 2 minutes CPSO is one step closer to regulating Ontario’s Physician Assistants (PAs) after the Board approved regulatory amendments. Next step? Government approval and enactment.

The Connection Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Disease

Reading time: 8 minutes The connection between adverse childhood experiences and physical health in adulthood is indisputable, with childhood trauma a significant, independent risk factor for disease.

Working with Trauma Survivors: How Not to Harm Yourself or Others

Reading time: 4 minutes As an adjudicator in the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement, Métis-Cree lawyer Myrna McCallum has insights on how to better connect with your Indigenous patients.

Making Your Patients Feel Safe

Reading time: 2 minutes Advice within a recently approved CPSO policy provides some tips on how you can help your patients feel like they are in a healing and safe place.

Beyond Medical Expertise: Navigating Stressful Patient Interactions

Reading time: 4 minutes Communications is a critical skill for a physician, but it isn’t always easy — especially under the constraints of an under-resourced, over-stretched system that is taxing everyone’s nerves.

Board Highlights

Reading time: < 1 minute We provide highlights of the decisions and discussions made at the December Board meeting, including the approval of the updated Medical Assistance in Dying Policy.