Adverse Event Reporting Timeline Approved

A physician types on a laptop

The Board has approved a by-law that changes expectations for adverse events reporting in Out of Hospital Premises (OHPs).  

The by-law now aligns with the new Adverse Event Standard, which was approved at the June Board meeting, to include a change in the reporting timeline – from 24 hours to five business days. The by-law was circulated for comment following September’s Board meeting.   

The by-law states that every member who performs a procedure in a premises subject to inspection under Part XI of Ontario Regulation 114/94 shall report to the College, in writing or electronically as specified by the College, within five business days of learning of any of the following events:  

  • (i) death within the premises;  
  • (ii) death within 10 days of a procedure performed at the premises;  
  • (iii) any procedure performed on wrong patient, site, or side; or  
  • (iv) transfer of a patient from the premises directly to a hospital for care.