Dialogue in Transition

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Dialogue on laptop and mobile screens

From print to fully digital

As part of CPSO’s ongoing digital transformation, the March 2024 issue of Dialogue will be the last available in print. Going forward, digital Dialogue will progressively transform to enhance your reading experience.

Why make this change now?

Printing costs have soared and the supply chain for paper procurement faces challenges due to ongoing paper mill closures. We are committed to being responsible with the use of existing funds.

The shift to digital will contribute to CPSO’s goal of becoming a fully digital regulator, providing a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective publication. By going digital, the College will be able to include multimedia content where relevant and measure readership analytics to identify the topics and formats that resonate most.

A fully digital Dialogue will also allow for a more optimal distribution frequency and volume of content, departing from the legacy print schedule of sharing high volumes of information only four times per year.

What remains the same?

The College’s legislated mandate to communicate important regulatory information to physicians through our official publication is unchanged, so please continue to read Dialogue in its digital format going forward.

And for those who still appreciate the tactile feel of paper, we’ll continue to produce digital content that can be printed on-demand.

We look forward to engaging with you online!