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Governance Modernization: A Strategic Assessment

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Developing a Board Profile and Self-Assessment Tool

As the modernization of medical regulation in Ontario continues, CPSO’s Board of Directors (formerly Council) is in the process of developing a Board Profile and a self-assessment tool to evaluate its collective skills, expertise and diversity attributes. This introspective exercise supports the Board’s effectiveness in fulfilling its strategic vision.

Foundations of Governance Modernization

In 2023, the groundwork for governance modernization was laid through a series of by-law changes approved at the December Board meeting. These pivotal changes include transitioning from a district-based election model to a competency and diversity-based selection process in advance of a province-wide election. Under this new model, potential candidates will be assessed by the Governance and Nominating Committee that will utilize the Board Profile to establish a roster of highly qualified candidates for election.

The Board Profile: A Key Component

The Board Profile will play a central role in the modernization process. It will outline the essential skills, professional backgrounds and lived experiences required collectively by elected and academic Directors (formerly Council members) to effectively regulate the medical profession. Importantly, the profile will also reflect practice location and the rich diversity of Ontario. Medical school Deans will also rely on this comprehensive profile when recommending candidates for appointment as academic Directors to the Board.

Draft Board Profile and Self-Assessment Tool

At the recent February/March Board meeting, the following draft Board Profile and self-assessment tool underwent careful consideration and received subsequent support. The documents will now proceed to the final approval stage by the Board in May. Once implemented, they will serve as a dynamic framework, subject to periodic review and updates, as needed.

Assessing Strengths, Identifying Opportunities

After the approval of the self-assessment tool, individual Board members will evaluate their skills and experiences. In doing so, they will determine the existing strengths and potential opportunities within the current Board. This self-assessment will serve a dual purpose: supporting future recruitment efforts and shaping Board training and education programs.


The College welcomes feedback on the draft Board Profile and the self-assessment tool. You can share your thoughts by emailing [email protected].

Stay informed as these governance changes unfold and contribute to shaping the future of medical regulation in Ontario!

Proposed draft board profile
Behavioural competencies - 4 point scale

Unique skills & experience 4 point scale