Post-Graduate Training Reflected on Public Register 

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Photo of a post-grad physician

Information useful for those holding a post-graduate certificate of registration

CPSO is circulating a revised by-law pertaining to information posted on the public register about post-graduate training. 

In September 2023, the Board of Directors (formerly Council) approved revisions to the by-laws relating to the public register content and registrant information. This was undertaken as part of the by-law refresh project.  Some of those approved revisions are not yet in effect, pending implementation of a new public register later in 2024.  

One of the approved, pending changes was to cease putting Ontario post-graduate training on the register for all registrants (formerly members). It was subsequently determined, however, that it is useful to have this post-graduate training information on the public register for physicians holding a post-graduate certificate of registration. Therefore, the revised by-law seeks to post Ontario post-graduate training on the public register for registrants only while they hold a post-graduate certificate of registration. 

Publishing this post-graduate training information for registrants holding other classes of registration is not in line with other Canadian jurisdictions and is seen as not helpful to the public.  

After circulation of the by-law, it will be returned to the Board where it will be put into effect at the same time as the other pending Register By-laws, likely later in 2024. 

Proposed By-law Amendment 
By-law No. 158 
Additional Register Content 

  1. (1) For purposes of paragraph 20 of subsection 23(2) of the Health Professions Procedural  Code, the register shall contain the following additional information with respect to each member: