Reporting Requirements Policy Out for Consultation 

A physician on a phone using a laptop.

One of CPSO’s most accessed policies has been updated and is now released for consultation

The draft Reporting Requirements policy is an update to the Mandatory and Permissive Reporting policy. It sets out expectations as it pertains to your obligation to report certain events or clinical conditions regarding yourself, your patients, and other regulated health professionals to CPSO, other health regulatory bodies, and designated agencies.  

It includes some new expectations that would require you to:   

  • Notify patients about your duty to report, unless doing so would pose a genuine risk of harm to yourself and/or others; 
  • Disclose only the information as required by law or necessary to address the risk of harm when making a report about a patient; 
  • File reports in a timely manner where a timeline is not set out in law; and 
  • Capture in the medical record relevant details of any report made about a patient. 

The key reporting requirements based in law have been moved from the policy and into a separate companion document titled, Legal Reporting Requirements

A new Advice document has also been developed to provide guidance on your reporting obligations and how to address key issues that may arise in practice. 

Your feedback is important to the development of our policies, and we welcome your participation in this consultation.