Respirologist Making a Difference in Thunder Bay

Reading time: 3 minutes For her work, Thunder Bay’s sole general respirologist, Dr. Birubi Biman, was presented with a CPSO Board Award.

Helping Newcomers Find a Home for Their Health 

Reading time: 4 minutes Dr. Madura Sundareswaran, a Peterborough family physician, is recognized with a CPSO Board Award for her work in helping immigrants, including refugees, navigate the health-care system.

A Passion for Primary Care — at Home and Abroad

Reading time: 6 minutes Our newest Council Award recipient, Dr. Katherine Rouleau, discusses why social accountability will be the cornerstone of family medicine for future generations.

Leading by Example

Reading time: 9 minutes Dr. Christopher Smith is one of the most respected clinicians and educators at Queen’s University. In fact, his contributions have been described as “transformational.”

A Leader in Care, Compassion and Continuous Improvement

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Georgina Wilcock, a Scarborough obstetrician and gynecologist, has worked tirelessly to help people new to Canada navigate our health system to ensure they receive the best care possible.

Resourcefulness and Resilience in the Pandemic

Reading time: 6 minutes The chaos of COVID-19 saw our Council Award Recipient, Dr. Sinziana Avramescu, resort to some creative solutions to mitigate the stresses in an overwhelmed system.

Civility and Team Spirit in Emergency Medicine

Reading time: 5 minutes Dr. Alim Pardhan’s colleagues say the difficulties of working in a pandemic-era ER were made much more manageable by the Hamilton doctor’s extraordinary leadership.

Seeing Palliative Care through an Equity Lens

Reading time: 6 minutes At its December meeting, Council recognized Dr. Ramona Mahtani, a Toronto palliative care physician, for her extraordinary commitment to her patients and her respect for their narratives.

A Generalist at Heart

Reading time: 6 minutes We recognize Ottawa’s Dr. Elizabeth Shouldice with a Council Award for her extraordinary work in helping her patients who suffer an addiction to opioids and those she cares for in the emergency department.

An Advocate for Equity

Reading time: 7 minutes Dr. Sharon Bal, a Cambridge family physician, is a tireless advocate for equity in medicine, especially when it comes to patient access to treatment and care throughout Ontario’s health system.

Advocate for the Elderly

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Mihaela Nicula, a Toronto geriatrician, was acknowledged for her dedication to the advancement of geriatric services and her excellence as a physician leader.

Trauma Surgeon an Advocate for Safer Gun Laws

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Najma Ahmed’s experiences as a trauma surgeon have shaped her advocacy for safer gun laws in Canada. We present her with an award for her work on behalf of patients and the public.