Transgender Health

Reading time: < 1 minute In the next issue of eDialogue, we take a closer look at what needs to be done to ensure patients who are transgender can access affirming, competent health care.

Pembroke FP becomes College President

Reading time: 7 minutes Dr. Judith Plante, a family physician from Pembroke, explains why she decided to become involved with the College and her plans for the year ahead.

Implicit Bias in Health Care

Reading time: 9 minutes By its nature, implicit bias is unconscious. This makes it hard to capture and confront. But when implicit bias plays out in the provision of health-care, it can have life-altering consequences.

Advertising Policy Approved

Reading time: 4 minutes Our new advertising policy aims to act as a one-stop resource for physicians, capturing all legal and professional obligations in one place.

Making Patients Partners in their Care

Reading time: 2 minutes A new guidebook — co-created with patients and caregivers — recognizes and supports the important and growing role that patients can play in facilitating their care.

Treating Root Causes, Not Symptoms

Reading time: 13 minutes How does anti-Indigenous racism come into play in health care? What biases might emerge? And how can doctors make a meaningful impact on health care equity?

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Reading time: 3 minutes We are consulting on a policy that aims to strike the right balance between protecting patients from harm, while respecting patient autonomy to choose non-conventional medical treatment.

Courtesy Calls

Reading time: 2 minutes The College has made close to 500 courtesy calls to physicians about low risk, non-clinical matters since we began the practice in early 2019.

When Patients Leave Hospital Against Medical Advice

Reading time: 4 minutes What are a physician’s obligations when a patient leaves the hospital against medical advice? We present guidance from several resources.

Proposed Changes to Alternative Registration Pathways

Reading time: 3 minutes Council is proposing substantive revisions to an existing registration policy in order to bring increased clarity to applicants and the public.

2021 Election Dates

Reading time: < 1 minute We are moving our Council election from the Fall to the Spring. We provide some key dates for those physicians in Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9.

New Eligibility Criteria for Council Election

Reading time: 2 minutes Council has approved new election eligibility criteria. If you are considering running for Council election, please learn more about the new criteria.