Quality Improvement Program — One Year Later

Reading time: 3 minutes CPSO surveyed 530 physicians about their experience in the program, including the time commitment, data sources of greatest value and value of peer feedback.

Practice Through a New Lens

Reading time: 7 minutes Three physicians describe their experiences with the Quality Improvement Program and the different ways it re-energized their approach to practise.

CPSO to Regulate Physician Assistants

Reading time: 4 minutes Making PAs a member of CPSO is appropriate, in line with the College’s commitment to right-touch regulation and will ensure safe quality care for Ontario’s patients.

Rise of Infodemics

Reading time: 5 minutes As COVID-19 has run rampant through society, so, too, has false information about the virus. Timothy Caulfield shares his views at the national meeting of Choosing Wisely.

Caring for your Trans Patients

Reading time: 15 minutes What are some biases that doctors might bring when seeing trans patients, how can they manifest, and what would make for better, affirming transgender care?

Courtesy Calls

Reading time: 2 minutes CPSO’s adoption of a process that allows us to flag low-risk issues of concern to physicians appears to correlate with a reduction in the number of investigations being conducted.

Social Media Consultation

Reading time: 4 minutes A draft policy now out for consultation addresses the unique risks social media platforms present for physicians to navigate. We’d appreciate hearing your thoughts on the issue.

Third Party Medical Reports

Reading time: 3 minutes Council approved a policy containing expectations reflecting the range of physician involvement in third party matters. The policy reflects feedback from the external consultation.

Medical Education and Training Expectations

Reading time: 3 minutes Council approved a policy that sets expectations for physicians involved in providing medical education and training. The updated policy reflects feedback heard during an external consultation.

Governance Modernization

Reading time: 4 minutes Council provided the College with a clear agenda for change after government indicated it will initiate a comprehensive consultation on governance modernization.

Red Tape Reduction

Reading time: 3 minutes Council is taking the opportunity of the government’s upcoming governance modernization consultation to propose red tape reduction strategies.

Vaccine Hesitant Patients

Reading time: 3 minutes Doctors are a trusted source of information for their patients. A conversation that answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines could be enough to encourage a vaccine hesitant patient to get their shot.