Obesity Guideline Addresses Root Drivers

Reading time: 8 minutes A Canadian clinical practice guideline for managing obesity takes the emphasis off calorie counting, and focuses on addressing the root drivers and improving overall health.

Q&A: Quality Improvement Program

Reading time: 9 minutes We speak to Drs. Ted Everson and Mary Manno about our new Quality Improvement Program and what participating physicians are saying about its effect on their practice.

Delegation of Controlled Acts

Reading time: 3 minutes CPSO’s updated Delegation of Controlled Acts policy is an example of how we continue to develop policy within a risk-based framework and with a clear focus on right-touch regulation.

Managing Test Results

Reading time: 4 minutes In this installment of our series, we look at the management of test results and the importance of having a process in place that helps physicians identify clinically significant results.

Weight Bias and its Clinical Consequences

Reading time: 9 minutes Obesity can present health issues for patients, but weight bias poses its own share of harms to a patient’s health and should be an important clinical concern for all physicians.

Discipline Committee Changes

Reading time: 3 minutes At its March meeting, Council approved changes intended to modernize the discipline process by creating efficiencies and improving dispute resolution techniques.

Methadone Maintenance Treatment Policy Rescinded

Reading time: < 1 minute Council rescinded the Methadone policy, program standards and guidelines in line with CPSO’s commitment to modernizing its approach to regulation.

Annual Renewal via the Member Portal

Reading time: 2 minutes For the first time, you will be completing your annual renewal online through CPSO’s new Member Portal. Read more about how this will save you time.

Consider Running for Council

Reading time: 2 minutes We moved our elections so they will now be held in the Spring. We urge physicians from Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9 to consider running for a seat on Council.

Changes Approved to Pathways Policies

Reading time: 2 minutes Following a consultation, Council approved revisions to its registration policies to reflect streamlined process changes, and bring increased clarity to applicants and the public.

New Medical Advisor

Reading time: 2 minutes We are pleased to welcome Dr. Vivian Sapirman to the College as a Medical Advisor. The Toronto-based psychiatrist will work with CPSO’s Investigations and Resolutions team.

Nominate an Outstanding Physician

Reading time: < 1 minute If you know a physician who deserves to be recognized for their contribution to the practice of medicine, let us know by nominating them for a 2022 Council Award.