Opioid Overdoses

Reading time: 4 minutes 1 in 4 Ontarians who died of an opioid overdose during the pandemic interacted with the health care system in the week prior to death, suggesting potentially missed opportunities.

A “Guideline of Guidelines”

Reading time: 5 minutes CAMH led an initiative that synthesized key recommendations for treating and managing Opioid Use Disorder from existing standards, guidelines, expert opinions and best practices across Canada.

Responding to Risks Posed by Illegal Street Supply

Reading time: 3 minutes New guidance is available for physicians working with a population who have higher levels of tolerance to opioids, which could help patients better manage their withdrawal, prevent cravings and reduce the risk of overdose.

ER Toolkit for Initiating Buprenorphine

Reading time: 3 minutes A group of addiction medicine experts developed a toolkit to support emergency medicine physicians in initiating buprenorphine to high-risk patients, increasing their chances of continuing treatment after discharge.

Safer Supply Prescribing

Reading time: 5 minutes With the pandemic further exacerbating the risks and potential for harm among patients with opioid use disorder, many stakeholders have advocated for safer supply prescribing.

Discussions About Opioid Risks, Benefits Emphasized in Policy

Reading time: 3 minutes The Prescribing Drugs policy sets out the College’s expectations for physicians when prescribing drugs or providing drug samples to patients

Filling a Gap in Opioid Education

Reading time: 5 minutes Helping clinicians acquire the skills to improve pain and opioid management is a priority. The University of Toronto and McMaster programs show that the right e-Learning offers an effective prescription for progress.

How Do You Measure Hope?

Reading time: 8 minutes In the First Nations opioids epidemic, progress comes when addressing root causes and driving meaningful outcomes.

Opioid Prescribing

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Steve Bodley, past president of the CPSO, discusses legacy patients, guidelines and the importance of patient buy-in.

Peers Helping Peers

Reading time: 8 minutes Caring for patients with opioid addiction and chronic pain can be challenging in the context of a family practice. However, help is available.

Giving Physicians the Tools They Need

Reading time: 5 minutes Several health system agencies have developed initiatives that give physicians the access to information they need in order to make informed, rational prescribing decisions. We profile several of the initiatives here.