Chair Reflects on Board Meeting Decisions

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Ian Preyra, Board Chair, discusses some decisions that came out of the recent Board of Directors’ Meeting. An infographic capturing meeting highlights accompanies his message.

On the Road from Good to Great 

Reading time: 3 minutes In his first message to the profession as Chair of the Board, Dr. Ian Preyra explains the recent steps the Board has taken to ensure that CPSO’s governance is aligned with best practices.

Reflecting on Our 2023 Achievements

Reading time: 3 minutes In his last letter to the profession, Dr. Rob Gratton reflects on an eventful year that saw the College rise to meet the many challenges presented by a system under pressure.

Reducing Barriers to Care

Reading time: 3 minutes CPSO continues to work closely with our health care partners to improve physician supply in Ontario and results from our updated registration policies have been encouraging.

Addressing Urgency

Reading time: 3 minutes Patients are unsettled by their unsuccessful efforts to access care in a stressed system. CPSO Council President Dr. Rob Gratton talks about the urgency for change.

Putting Patients First

Reading time: 4 minutes In an era of ongoing crisis and intense change, it’s easy to forget our first principles. But at CPSO, writes Dr. Rob Gratton, our mandate is clear: to serve in the public interest.

Taking its Toll

Reading time: 3 minutes In her last message to the profession, Dr. Janet van Vlymen reflects on her recent podcast conversation with Dr. Jillian Horton about physician burnout and its system drivers.

Reflecting the College’s EDI Work in Policy

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Janet van Vlymen writes about how the EDI work being done at the College is reflected in a policy built around human rights and accessibility legislation.

The Cost of Working in a Culturally Unsafe Environment

Reading time: 3 minutes On top of all the other stressors of practising medicine, imagine feeling your hard work is undervalued because of the colour of your skin, sexual orientation and/or religion.

At a Crisis Point

Reading time: 3 minutes In her first letter to the profession as new CPSO President, Dr. Janet van Vlymen explains why addressing physician burnout is a top priority for CPSO.

Living in Tumultuous Times

Reading time: 3 minutes In her last letter to the profession, Dr. Judith Plante says the College has recognized the toll the pandemic is taking on physicians and the health care system.

Patient Bias, Physician Burnout

Reading time: 2 minutes As hospitals begin to grapple with the issues arising from patient bias towards physicians, CPSO President Dr. Judith Plante explains why it is an issue of concern for the College.