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Chair Reflects on Board Meeting Decisions

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Dr. Ian Preyra

Board Highlights: May 2024 

I’m proud of CPSO’s transformation over the last five years using our strategic plan as the blueprint for change. Among the many improvements made are several governance modernization initiatives led by the Board of Directors. One of the outcomes is the new public register that will launch this fall. The new register will feature enhanced search capabilities that will enable users to find information more easily, and the latest and most secure cloud-based technology to further enhance cyber security. 

The framework of the College’s 2020-2025 Strategic Plan has seen us advance our Vision of ‘Trusted Doctors Providing Great Care’ in a manner that is balanced, proactive and nimble. And as we near 2025, it’s clear that the Plan continues to be relevant. For this reason, the Board of Directors voted at its recent meeting to extend the strategic plan for an additional two years, until 2027. I’m pleased that we can continue this productive course to complete the important work that’s already underway.  

The most recent step towards governance best practices has been the development of a process for selecting candidates for election to the Board based on their competencies, skills and diversity attributes. The goal is to continue having a balanced Board composed of skilled, qualified Directors who reflect the diversity of Ontario’s population, geography and the practice of medicine.  At the most recent meeting, a Self-Assessment Tool and a Board Profile were approved. The Board Profile will be updated as needs evolve.

Over the coming months, more details will be shared with you about the Board Profile and the 2025 province-wide election, as well as the trajectory of our strategic plan. In the meantime, I am pleased to share with you the Board Highlights from the May meeting. 

Wishing you a wonderful summer. 

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Board Highlights Infographic Transcript

Consultation now underway for draft Reporting Requirements Policy – one of our most accessed policies.   

In governance matters, Board approves Board Profile, Self-Assessment Tool as part of Governance Modernization Initiative. Next year – Province-wide elections begin.   

As of May 2024, 4,900 Physicians completed our Quality Improvement Program 

The 2024 Target is 6,500 Physicians  

The time to complete complaints remains under 150 days, which is our 2024 target (80th percentile) 

50% of files closed with early resolution, including Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in 2024 to date. 

Board voted to make all pending Register By-Law amendments effective simultaneously with the launch of the new Public Register. The launch is expected this fall.   

Registration Policy Change is out for circulation. The change would allow U.S. trained and certified physicians who have a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine a route to licensure.