Please note: Dialogue will implement the new governance terminology approved at the December, 2023 Board of Directors' meeting. The following terms have changed: Board of Directors (the Board) replaces Council, Board Chair replaces President, Board Vice-Chair replaces Vice-President, Director replaces Council Members/Councillor, and Annual Organizational Meeting replaces Annual General Meeting.

Latest Articles

We’re Hosting a QI Program Webinar

Reading time: < 1 minute We are hosting the last webinar in our Spring series on CPSO’s Quality Improvement Program on June 21 at noon. Register for the walk-through today.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 3: Toba Balogun

Reading time: 2 minutes Toba Balogun, a medical student at UofT, talks about being a minority physician-in-training, his volunteer work, and the importance of allyship and cultural humility in health care.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 2: Dr. Janet van Vlymen

Reading time: 2 minutes 2022 CPSO Council President Dr. Janet van Vlymen talks about her road to leadership and goals for her one-year term, the importance of quality improvement, ongoing efforts to ease physician burnout, and the College’s role in medical education.

Reaching Out for Help

Reading time: 7 minutes Dr. George Photopoulos is convinced that if he had remained on the road he was travelling, he would not be alive today, crediting the Physician Health Program for saving his life.

Pandemic and Mental Health

Reading time: 4 minutes The first year of the pandemic saw a significant increase in the number of Ontario doctors seeking help for mental health issues or problematic substance use.

Bias and Female Surgeons

Reading time: 6 minutes A new study has revealed significant gender bias against female surgeons in Ontario. But a post-pandemic world may hold the key to a more equitable system.

At a Crisis Point

Reading time: 3 minutes In her first letter to the profession as new CPSO President, Dr. Janet van Vlymen explains why addressing physician burnout is a top priority for CPSO.

Reclaiming Herself

Reading time: 9 minutes Medical culture told Dr. Jillian Horton to become a successful doctor she had to detach and push through. In an interview, she explains how maladapting to that culture led to severe burnout.

Quality Improvement in Groups

Reading time: 4 minutes Physicians participating in our Quality Improvement (QI) Program now have the option of collaborating with other physicians to help each other improve how they practise.

A Time for Recovery… and Continued Resilience

Reading time: 3 minutes As 2022 unfolds, many things remain uncertain. What is clear, however, is a continued need for vigilance and resilience, writes College CEO and Registrar Dr. Nancy Whitmore.

Civility and Team Spirit in Emergency Medicine

Reading time: 5 minutes Dr. Alim Pardhan’s colleagues say the difficulties of working in a pandemic-era ER were made much more manageable by the Hamilton doctor’s extraordinary leadership.

Opioid Overdoses

Reading time: 4 minutes 1 in 4 Ontarians who died of an opioid overdose during the pandemic interacted with the health care system in the week prior to death, suggesting potentially missed opportunities.