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Latest Articles

Making Patients Partners in their Care

Reading time: 2 minutes A new guidebook — co-created with patients and caregivers — recognizes and supports the important and growing role that patients can play in facilitating their care.

Safer Supply Prescribing

Reading time: 5 minutes With the pandemic further exacerbating the risks and potential for harm among patients with opioid use disorder, many stakeholders have advocated for safer supply prescribing.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Reading time: 3 minutes We are consulting on a policy that aims to strike the right balance between protecting patients from harm, while respecting patient autonomy to choose non-conventional medical treatment.

Trauma Surgeon an Advocate for Safer Gun Laws

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Najma Ahmed’s experiences as a trauma surgeon have shaped her advocacy for safer gun laws in Canada. We present her with an award for her work on behalf of patients and the public.

Are You Hearing Your Patients’ Stories?

Reading time: 7 minutes Listening skills are critical for the sake of a patient’s storytelling. Especially when patients are working their way to reveal their underlying or unexpected agendas.

Courtesy Calls

Reading time: 2 minutes The College has made close to 500 courtesy calls to physicians about low risk, non-clinical matters since we began the practice in early 2019.

When Patients Leave Hospital Against Medical Advice

Reading time: 4 minutes What are a physician’s obligations when a patient leaves the hospital against medical advice? We present guidance from several resources.

Clear Communication in High-risk Transitions

Reading time: 5 minutes A review into the homicide of a woman by her elderly husband revealed missed opportunities for communication between police, hospital clinical staff, and home care providers.

A Year Like None Other

Reading time: 4 minutes In her last letter to the profession, Dr. Brenda Copps reflects on an extraordinary year – one that presented struggle and challenges, but also offered opportunities for innovation.

From Pandemic to Protests: The Year 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore looks back on a year full of hardship, struggle and strife. But she also writes that 2020 presented important opportunities for change and growth.

December 2020 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute Read the highlights from our December Council meeting, including an announcement about CPSO oversight of Physician Assistants.

Proposed Changes to Alternative Registration Pathways

Reading time: 3 minutes Council is proposing substantive revisions to an existing registration policy in order to bring increased clarity to applicants and the public.