Peers Supporting Peers

Reading time: 7 minutes The good news is the peer support program at Western University is, by all measures, a success. The bad news is that its success is an indication of how many physicians are in distress.

Beyond Medical Expertise: Navigating Stressful Patient Interactions

Reading time: 4 minutes Communications is a critical skill for a physician, but it isn’t always easy — especially under the constraints of an under-resourced, over-stretched system that is taxing everyone’s nerves.

Medical Record Tips

Reading time: 3 minutes Medical records documentation can feel burdensome to your already busy day. We present some FAQs about medical record-keeping to clarify your obligations.

“I Feel Like I am Failing”

Reading time: 5 minutes A small-town family physician describes the pain of not providing the kind of medical care to her patients that she had once hoped she could.

Changing the Culture of Emergency Departments

Reading time: 5 minutes There’s no single or simple way to manage burnout, but Dr. James Maskalyk is intent on changing the culture, so physicians are encouraged to express vulnerability.

Addressing Urgency

Reading time: 3 minutes Patients are unsettled by their unsuccessful efforts to access care in a stressed system. CPSO Council President Dr. Rob Gratton talks about the urgency for change.

Primary Care in Distress

Reading time: 3 minutes One of the solutions proposed to address the family medicine crisis is to boost physician supply. Dr. Nancy Whitmore discusses how CPSO is contributing to that effort.

New Language for Clinician Distress

Reading time: 4 minutes More physicians are using the term “moral injury” to describe their distress as it acknowledges something larger is at play than just burnout, locating the source in system dysfunction.

Putting Patients First

Reading time: 4 minutes In an era of ongoing crisis and intense change, it’s easy to forget our first principles. But at CPSO, writes Dr. Rob Gratton, our mandate is clear: to serve in the public interest.

Small Town Practices

Reading time: 8 minutes Physicians working in remote or rural practices know the many joys of the work can often feel indivisible from its challenges and its stresses.

Taking its Toll

Reading time: 3 minutes In her last message to the profession, Dr. Janet van Vlymen reflects on her recent podcast conversation with Dr. Jillian Horton about physician burnout and its system drivers.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 10: Dr. Jillian Horton

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Jillian Horton, a general internist, and award-winning medical educator, writer, musician and podcaster, talks about her personal struggles with burnout and how it manifested in her life, resources and strategies for coping and self-care, and treating one’s self with compassion.