An Advocate for Equity

Reading time: 7 minutes Dr. Sharon Bal, a Cambridge family physician, is a tireless advocate for equity in medicine, especially when it comes to patient access to treatment and care throughout Ontario’s health system.

Oversight of PAs a Good Fit

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Judith Plante explains why CPSO is supportive of its new responsibility in providing oversight of physician assistants and next steps to bringing them into the College.

New Opportunities for Growth

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore, College Registrar, writes of new opportunities for change and growth presenting themselves to the College and to physicians.

Governance Modernization

Reading time: 4 minutes Council provided the College with a clear agenda for change after government indicated it will initiate a comprehensive consultation on governance modernization.

Red Tape Reduction

Reading time: 3 minutes Council is taking the opportunity of the government’s upcoming governance modernization consultation to propose red tape reduction strategies.

Vaccine Hesitant Patients

Reading time: 3 minutes Doctors are a trusted source of information for their patients. A conversation that answers questions about COVID-19 vaccines could be enough to encourage a vaccine hesitant patient to get their shot.

Pandemic-induced Mental Health Distress

Reading time: 5 minutes Given the upheaval the pandemic caused in the lives of so many, even patients with no history of serious episodes of mental distress could be experiencing them now. 

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)

Reading time: 2 minutes CPSO updated its MAID policy to reflect the legal framework changes that resulted from the passage of Bill C-7 in March 2021.

MAiDHouse Ensures a Welcoming Space

Reading time: 3 minutes Not all patients who have MAID want to die at home or in a hospital. An organization, led by a Toronto family physician, has provided them with another option.

Academic Registration Policy Changes

Reading time: 2 minutes We’ve fine-tuned our Academic Registration policy to improve transparency and reflect a more streamlined process. We’ve also made the language in the policy clearer and more concise.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Reading time: 2 minutes We’ve developed a statement recognizing the importance that interprofessional collaboration plays in the delivery of quality care.

Denouncing Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation

Reading time: < 1 minute Our new statement expressly denounces the practice of female genital cutting/mutilation and makes clear it is a criminal offence.