Invisible Three Percent

Reading time: 8 minutes One family physician explains her patient-centred approach to making a difference in the lives of patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Importance of Feeling Safe

Reading time: 8 minutes People with intellectual and developmental disabilities may feel unsafe in a clinical setting, but a little bit of patience and compassion can go a long way in creating trust.

Proposals Reduce Barriers for U.S. Trained Physicians

Reading time: 3 minutes Changes to registration policies seek to expand access and reduce existing barriers for U.S. physicians to practise independently in Ontario.

Proposed Changes to Registration Policy

Reading time: 2 minutes Changes remove barriers for physicians who received certification without examination and have not obtained the LMCC or completed the MCCQE Part 1.

The Spread of Misinformation

Reading time: 16 minutes We discuss the extraordinary human and financial toll that health and science misinformation has taken across our communities and health-care systems.

New Emergency Circumstances Practice Registration Class Developed

Reading time: 2 minutes A new government regulation requires a regulatory mechanism for issuing licenses in instances where typical registration requirements can’t be met due to emergency circumstances.

Nerve Blocks and Image Guidance

Reading time: < 1 minute After an extended consultation, Council approved a Standard for the use of image guidance that will support the safe and effective use of nerve blocks to treat adult chronic pain in OHPs.

Decision-Making for End-of Life-Care

Reading time: 3 minutes CPSO policy update aligns with recent case law, requiring physicians consider patients’ wishes, values & beliefs, while using professional judgment when withholding resuscitative measures.

New Language for Clinician Distress

Reading time: 4 minutes More physicians are using the term “moral injury” to describe their distress as it acknowledges something larger is at play than just burnout, locating the source in system dysfunction.

Antipsychotic Use Rose During Pandemic

Reading time: 5 minutes Before the pandemic, antipsychotic prescribing was on a steady decline. Recent data, however, show prescribing rates have increased in several provinces, including Ontario.

Putting Patients First

Reading time: 4 minutes In an era of ongoing crisis and intense change, it’s easy to forget our first principles. But at CPSO, writes Dr. Rob Gratton, our mandate is clear: to serve in the public interest.

An Ever-changing Landscape

Reading time: 4 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore discusses some of Council’s policy decisions, including our ongoing efforts to find ways to reduce registration barriers to increase physician supply in Ontario.