Deprescribing: A Clinical Challenge

Reading time: 4 minutes Knowing how to safely reduce inappropriate medications may be an increasingly essential skill for physicians — nearly one-half of older adults take five or more drugs.

Nuanced Conversations and Deprescribing

Reading time: 3 minutes In order for deprescribing to be successful, it’s essential physicians understand the values of their patients and align deprescribing with the patient’s priorities.

System Stretched to the Limit

Reading time: 4 minutes The College is committed to continuing to find innovative ways to address physician shortage issues and the care backlog, writes Registrar/CEO Dr. Nancy Whitmore.

Reflecting the College’s EDI Work in Policy

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Janet van Vlymen writes about how the EDI work being done at the College is reflected in a policy built around human rights and accessibility legislation.

September 2022 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute We provide highlights from the recent Council meeting, including a review of the Registrar’s Report and Council discussions regarding draft policies. Check out our infographic.

By-law Amendments

Reading time: < 1 minute New by-law amendments were approved that allow Council more flexibility in filling a Council seat vacancy by making by-elections discretionary, regardless of when the vacancy occurs.

Election Results

Reading time: 4 minutes Elections were held earlier this year in Districts 1, 2, 3 and 4. The results saw the return of two incumbents and the addition of three new Council members.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 7: Dr. Ritika Goel

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Ritika Goel, a family physician, activist and the inaugural Temerty Faculty of Medicine Social Justice, Anti-Oppression and Advocacy Theme Lead, UofT, talks about treating marginalized populations, diversifying voices at the decision-making level, engaging in allyship and broadly applying the equity lens.