Council Updates

December 2019 Council at a Glance

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Our infographic highlights Council decisions.

Infographic providing an overview of the discussions and decisions made at the December Council Meeting

Accessible summary

Council Elections

Council elections will be moved from October to late spring.

3 Policies Approved

No fee increase

For the second year in a row, the fee for a certificate of registration will not be increased. The fee will remain at $1,725.

Registrar/CEO’s Report

Dr. Nancy Whitmore reported on highlights from 2019:

  • 48 Physician Engagement Activities
  • 842 Members of the Public Participated in Policy Consultations
  • 90 Meetings with Stakeholders
  • The time it takes to write an ICRC Decision dropped by 85% since June 2018.
  • The number of Early Resolution cases has increased by 88% in the last year.
  • Complaint Investigations opened in Q1 & Q2 are being completed 44% faster than the same period last year.