Physician Burnout and COVID-19

Reading time: 6 minutes A stressed and overwhelmed medical system can negatively impact physician wellness, and patient care even at the best of times. When the global pandemic arrived, it only made things even harder.

CPSO Proposes Flexibility in Advertising Rules

Reading time: 3 minutes Our proposed Advertising policy’s intent is to support physicians who wish to advertise their services, while ensuring the best interests of patients.

A Modern Approach to Lifelong Learning

Reading time: 4 minutes Our recently launched modernized quality improvement program will provide opportunities for self-directed learning at all stages of your career.

COVID-19 Raises Profile of Virtual Care

Reading time: 9 minutes The rise of virtual care may be one legacy of COVID-19. What are some of the lessons and advice from doctors delivering virtual care?

Professional Communication Concerns

Reading time: 4 minutes What types of complaints does the College receive? In this continuing series, we take a closer look at our data about professional communications concerns.

ADR: An Early and Mutually Satisfactory Resolution

Reading time: 4 minutes For patients and doctors, we are finding that alternative dispute resolution can be a less stressful and more conciliatory process.

March & May 2020 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute We provide an overview of the decisions and discussions around the Council table at our March and May meetings.

Minimize Conflicts about Custody of Records

Reading time: 2 minutes A new policy articulates the importance of having written agreements in place to minimize disputes about ownership of records.

The Risks of Pre-populated Templates

Reading time: 2 minutes Avoiding the use of pre-populated templates, where possible, can help ensure medical records are accurate, states a new policy.

Big Rewards in a Small Town

Reading time: 5 minutes Dr. Steven Griffin, who was recently presented with a Council Award, said his hectic life in Bancroft suits him just fine.

New Medical Advisor a Champion of Collaboration

Reading time: 4 minutes Dr. Saroo Sharda, the College’s newest Medical Advisor, discusses what she has learned about how health-care teams function.

Can AI Help Deliver Deep Medicine?

Reading time: 9 minutes The greatest opportunity offered by artificial intelligence is to strengthen the connection between patients and their doctors.