District 9 Election Results

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Dr. Madhu Azad

Dr. Madhu Azad has become the newest member of Council, having won a seat in a recent by-election in District 9. 

Dr. Azad is a lead physician at the Superior Family Health Organization and an assistant professor at Northern Ontario Medical School. She worked in India and the United Kingdom before coming to practise medicine in Ontario. Her desire for lifelong learning led her to enrol in a master’s programme, the International Masters in Healthcare Leadership at McGill University. 

As past chair of the credentialing committee at the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre, Dr. Azad became familiar with the changing landscape of medicine, the overlapping scopes and need for interdisciplinary collaboration while conforming to the challenges of standardization.  

Dr. Azad was a recent participant in the College’s Quality Improvement Program. Her experience in the program and her belief in the impact of right touch regulation, motivated her to run for election and become a part of the College’s strategic direction.