Pandemic-induced Mental Health Distress

Reading time: 5 minutes Given the upheaval the pandemic caused in the lives of so many, even patients with no history of serious episodes of mental distress could be experiencing them now. 

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)

Reading time: 2 minutes CPSO updated its MAID policy to reflect the legal framework changes that resulted from the passage of Bill C-7 in March 2021.

MAiDHouse Ensures a Welcoming Space

Reading time: 3 minutes Not all patients who have MAID want to die at home or in a hospital. An organization, led by a Toronto family physician, has provided them with another option.

Academic Registration Policy Changes

Reading time: 2 minutes We’ve fine-tuned our Academic Registration policy to improve transparency and reflect a more streamlined process. We’ve also made the language in the policy clearer and more concise.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Reading time: 2 minutes We’ve developed a statement recognizing the importance that interprofessional collaboration plays in the delivery of quality care.

Denouncing Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation

Reading time: < 1 minute Our new statement expressly denounces the practice of female genital cutting/mutilation and makes clear it is a criminal offence.

Death after Discharge

Reading time: 5 minutes Following the death of a woman following discharge, a Committee of the Chief Coroner’s Office is recommending new protocols for emergency departments.

Medication Harm Incidents

Reading time: 5 minutes ISMP Canada reports on an analysis of medication incidents that took place over a five-year span. The analysis was conducted to help form strategies to improve patient safety.

Consider Going Paperless

Reading time: 2 minutes We have now made it possible for you to only receive the online version of eDialogue. Find out how to opt out of receiving the print version of the magazine.

Weight Bias and its Clinical Consequences

Reading time: 9 minutes Obesity can present health issues for patients, but weight bias poses its own share of harms to a patient’s health and should be an important clinical concern for all physicians.

Obesity Guideline Addresses Root Drivers

Reading time: 8 minutes A Canadian clinical practice guideline for managing obesity takes the emphasis off calorie counting, and focuses on addressing the root drivers and improving overall health.

Q&A: Quality Improvement Program

Reading time: 9 minutes We speak to Drs. Ted Everson and Mary Manno about our new Quality Improvement Program and what participating physicians are saying about its effect on their practice.