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By-law Change Reflects Adverse Event Standard Reporting Timeline

Reading time: 2 minutes OHP’s new Adverse Event Standard captures expectations for adverse events reporting, including a change in the reporting timeline from 24 hours to five business days.

Fee Waived for Out-of-Province Residents

Reading time: 2 minutes Residents from outside the province who choose to do an elective rotation in Ontario will not need to pay the application fee for a time-limited postgraduate certificate.

Physician Assistant Fees

Reading time: 3 minutes In anticipation of assuming the regulation of Physician Assistants (PAs) in 2024, CPSO is circulating fee proposals for the application and renewal of PA registration certificates.

September 2023 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute We highlight some of the discussions and decisions from our September meeting of Council, including the approval of our updated human rights policy.

Recommendations from Coroner Following Hospital Suicides

Reading time: 3 minutes We share recommendation from the Coroner’s Office for system changes after several patients died by suicide while hospitalized, on a pass or shortly after discharge.

Patient Selection for OHPs

Reading time: 4 minutes We developed 10 standards for Out-of-Hospital Premises, including a standard to help physicians determine a patient’s suitability for those procedures performed in OHPs.

Reducing Barriers to Care

Reading time: 3 minutes CPSO continues to work closely with our health care partners to improve physician supply in Ontario and results from our updated registration policies have been encouraging.

Collaborating on Health Care Solutions

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore, Registrar and CEO, discusses both challenges and reasons for optimism in the health care system in her letter to the profession.

Medical uncertainty article resonates for reader

Reading time: < 1 minute A Toronto doctor has kind words for our recent medical uncertainty article and, in fact, the direction ‘Dialogue’ has been taking in general.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 19: How we talk about suicide matters

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Juveria Zaheer, a psychiatrist and researcher at CAMH, and Gina Nicoll, a dual expertise researcher at CAMH, talk about demystifying suicide prevention and awareness, the benefits of safety planning over contracting for safety, and the important role language plays in treatment.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 18: Primary Care Crisis: What Do We Do Now?

Reading time: 3 minutes Drs. Tara Kiran and Kamila Premji, family physicians and researchers, talk about solutions to Ontario’s primary care crisis, the benefits of team-based care, the impact of different payment models and reasons to be hopeful for the future.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 17: Primary Care Crisis: How Did We Get Here?

Reading time: 3 minutes Drs. Tara Kiran and Kamila Premji, family physicians and researchers, talk about the primary care crisis in Ontario, causes of the physician shortage, financial and administrative burdens, and why fewer residents are choosing family medicine.