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Putting Patients First

Reading time: 4 minutes In an era of ongoing crisis and intense change, it’s easy to forget our first principles. But at CPSO, writes Dr. Rob Gratton, our mandate is clear: to serve in the public interest.

An Ever-changing Landscape

Reading time: 4 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore discusses some of Council’s policy decisions, including our ongoing efforts to find ways to reduce registration barriers to increase physician supply in Ontario.

By-law Modernization

Reading time: 2 minutes CPSO is conducting a comprehensive review of its by-laws with the goal of improving clarity, simplifying language and achieving a more modernized set of by-laws.

Blood Borne Virus Policy Rescinded

Reading time: 3 minutes Council’s decision to rescind its Blood Borne Virus policy reflects new insights and advances in medical treatment that help seropositive physicians manage their health.

Time to Renew

Reading time: 2 minutes Beginning Monday, April 10, 2023, you can complete your Annual Renewal on the Member Portal. Please review and update your contact information and other details.

March 2023 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute An infographic presents the highlights of the March Council meeting, including discussions about policies and a report from the Registrar, Dr. Nancy Whitmore.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 13: Aiming for Equity in Leadership

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Minna Woo, a clinician scientist and the first woman director of U of T’s Banting and Best Diabetes Centre, talks about needing more equity in leadership positions, the importance of mentoring young women, and the value of allyship in raising diverse voices and addressing bias.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 12: Anti-Black racism’s impact on healthcare

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Natasha Johnson, a paediatrician and inaugural Associate Chair of EDI at McMaster University, talks about naming racism and engaging with communities to understand their diverse needs, considering the micro, mezzo and macro levels when developing strategies, and history’s influence on interactions with the health system.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 11: System barriers in caring for unhoused populations

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Jonathan Wong, a family physician with Inner City Health Associates and program lead for SCOUT, talks about the correlation between housing and healthcare, the importance of follow-up and continuity in care, and widespread system issues affecting patient health outcomes.

Islamophobia: A Public Health Crisis

Reading time: 12 minutes Islamophobia has been called “a systemic disease in the Canadian body politic.” Like any disease, it is insidious — even infiltrating the health care space.

Introducing CPSO’s New President

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Rob Gratton, the College’s new President, participates in a wide-ranging Q & A, and discusses what led him to become involved in medical regulation.

Leading by Example

Reading time: 9 minutes Dr. Christopher Smith is one of the most respected clinicians and educators at Queen’s University. In fact, his contributions have been described as “transformational.”