Please note: Dialogue will implement the new governance terminology approved at the December, 2023 Board of Directors' meeting. The following terms have changed: Board of Directors (the Board) replaces Council, Board Chair replaces President, Board Vice-Chair replaces Vice-President, Director replaces Council Members/Councillor, and Annual Organizational Meeting replaces Annual General Meeting.

Latest Articles

Post-Graduate Training Reflected on Public Register 

Reading time: 2 minutes A by-law, now circulating, seeks to post Ontario post-graduate training on the public register for registrants only while they hold a post-graduate certificate of registration. 

Time to Renew Your Certificate of Registration Online 

Reading time: < 1 minute Beginning Monday, April 8, you can complete your Annual Registration Renewal on the portal. Good news – this is the sixth consecutive year that the annual fee remains unchanged.

Committee Referral No Longer Required for Two More Registration Policies

Reading time: < 1 minute Applicants who satisfy the qualifications in two recently approved registration policies could see the processing of their applications reduced by weeks because of a recent decision.

Board Highlights

Reading time: < 1 minute Some by-law changes are in effect, changing what information is posted on the public register. Read about these and other highlights from discussions held at the Board of Directors meeting.

On the Road from Good to Great 

Reading time: 3 minutes In his first message to the profession as Chair of the Board, Dr. Ian Preyra explains the recent steps the Board has taken to ensure that CPSO’s governance is aligned with best practices.

Facing Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Reading time: 3 minutes The development of new pathways into Ontario practice has attracted nearly 500 physicians, providing a measure of relief in difficult times, writes Dr. Nancy Whitmore, Registrar and CEO.

New Public Director

Reading time: < 1 minute The Board welcomes Mr. Stephen Bird of Perth, Ontario, as a new public Director. Mr. Bird is a retired lawyer who has served on the Board for the Perth and Smith Falls District Hospital.

Discipline Summaries

Reading time: 3 minutes We present several short summaries of recent cases heard by the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal.

CPSO’s Modernization of Governance Changed Through By-law

Reading time: 5 minutes Council continues with its initiative to modernize governance through a refresh of its by-laws. The most recent changes include a new election model and updated governance terminology.

Peers Supporting Peers

Reading time: 7 minutes The good news is the peer support program at Western University is, by all measures, a success. The bad news is that its success is an indication of how many physicians are in distress.

Updated Expectations in Medical Assistance in Dying Policy

Reading time: 2 minutes The Board has updated expectations and advice for physicians who provide medical assistance in dying (MAID).

Professionalism and Your Practice

Reading time: 2 minutes It’s been 17 years since we developed our key resource on professionalism. Your input is needed as we update it to reflect the core values and duties that reflect the current practice of medicine.