Islamophobia: A Public Health Crisis

Reading time: 12 minutes Islamophobia has been called “a systemic disease in the Canadian body politic.” Like any disease, it is insidious — even infiltrating the health care space.

Introducing CPSO’s New President

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Rob Gratton, the College’s new President, participates in a wide-ranging Q & A, and discusses what led him to become involved in medical regulation.

Leading by Example

Reading time: 9 minutes Dr. Christopher Smith is one of the most respected clinicians and educators at Queen’s University. In fact, his contributions have been described as “transformational.”

Navigating Interactions with Industry

Reading time: 3 minutes Council released a draft policy for consultation, developed to help physicians navigate their interactions with industry and manage conflicts of interest.

Small Town Practices

Reading time: 8 minutes Physicians working in remote or rural practices know the many joys of the work can often feel indivisible from its challenges and its stresses.

Dispensing Drugs Policy Approved

Reading time: < 1 minute Following consultation, Council approved a policy that provides guidance to those physicians who dispense drugs in their practice.

Registration Policy Lifts Certain Restrictions

Reading time: < 1 minute Council changes a policy that allows individuals a path to an independent certificate without completing the Licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada qualification.

Fee By-law Changed to Support New Class of License

Reading time: 2 minutes A by-law change supporting the implementation of a new temporary class of license was approved. Reflecting its three-month term, the fee is 25 percent of the annual fee.

Taking its Toll

Reading time: 3 minutes In her last message to the profession, Dr. Janet van Vlymen reflects on her recent podcast conversation with Dr. Jillian Horton about physician burnout and its system drivers.

Continued Challenges in 2023

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore, Registrar/CEO, writes about the physician supply issue and the need to disrupt the proliferation of online health misinformation.

Progress Made in Reducing Low-Value Care

Reading time: 3 minutes A new progress report looking at trends over time finds clinicians, patients, researchers and policymakers are making progress in reducing the provision of low-value care.

Tap Into Your Team’s Superpowers

Reading time: 5 minutes When health care professionals work together, it can foster healthier patients, happier professionals and more efficient health care operations, says Dr. Brian Goldman.