Virtual Care Expectations

Reading time: 4 minutes Virtual care plays an important role in the health care system, but a new policy approved by Council makes clear it’s not appropriate in many instances.

Professional Obligations when Engaging Online

Reading time: 4 minutes A new policy requires physicians apply the same standards of professionalism on social media as those that already apply to them in person.

Consultation Underway on End-of-Life Care Policy

Reading time: 3 minutes Council is inviting feedback on a draft policy that sets expectations and guidance for physicians on decision-making for the end of life. Let us know what you think.

Using Labs Wisely

Reading time: 4 minutes Choosing Wisely Canada is inviting hospitals across Canada to join a concerted effort to curb low-value testing so available lab resources can be put to better use.

Being a True Ally

Reading time: 14 minutes Allyship begins by examining the structures and hierarchies that govern medical culture and then working collectively to dismantle them — ultimately helping us all.

Building Capacity for Gender-Affirming Care

Reading time: 11 minutes Meet the health care professionals providing gender-affirming care to their patients, filling the gap while the broader system catches up.

CPSO’s Commitment to Learning, Unlearning

Reading time: 8 minutes EDI Lead Dr. Saroo Sharda discusses how CPSO has begun to look at its processes, policies and decisions through an anti-oppression lens.

Resourcefulness and Resilience in the Pandemic

Reading time: 6 minutes The chaos of COVID-19 saw our Council Award Recipient, Dr. Sinziana Avramescu, resort to some creative solutions to mitigate the stresses in an overwhelmed system.

Health Care System’s Carbon Footprint

Reading time: 4 minutes A Choosing Wisely Canada keynote panel connects the dots between the health care system’s carbon footprint, waste in practices, and the ultimate harm to patients and the planet.

Monkeypox Precautions

Reading time: 3 minutes Public Health Ontario provides infection prevention and control recommendations to health care workers treating patients who may be infected with the monkeypox virus.

The Cost of Working in a Culturally Unsafe Environment

Reading time: 3 minutes On top of all the other stressors of practising medicine, imagine feeling your hard work is undervalued because of the colour of your skin, sexual orientation and/or religion.

Allyship: Stronger Together

Reading time: 3 minutes The pandemic has brought so much cultural upheaval and political polarization into our lives, as a result, allyship has become more important than ever.