Please note: As of this issue, eDialogue will implement the new governance terminology approved at the December Board of Directors' meeting. The following terms have changed: Board of Directors (the Board) replaces Council, Board Chair replaces President, Board Vice-Chair replaces Vice-President, Director replaces Council Members/Councillor, and Annual Organizational Meeting replaces Annual General Meeting.

Latest Articles

Courtesy Calls

Reading time: 2 minutes The College has made close to 500 courtesy calls to physicians about low risk, non-clinical matters since we began the practice in early 2019.

When Patients Leave Hospital Against Medical Advice

Reading time: 4 minutes What are a physician’s obligations when a patient leaves the hospital against medical advice? We present guidance from several resources.

Clear Communication in High-risk Transitions

Reading time: 5 minutes A review into the homicide of a woman by her elderly husband revealed missed opportunities for communication between police, hospital clinical staff, and home care providers.

A Year Like None Other

Reading time: 4 minutes In her last letter to the profession, Dr. Brenda Copps reflects on an extraordinary year – one that presented struggle and challenges, but also offered opportunities for innovation.

From Pandemic to Protests: The Year 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Nancy Whitmore looks back on a year full of hardship, struggle and strife. But she also writes that 2020 presented important opportunities for change and growth.

December 2020 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute Read the highlights from our December Council meeting, including an announcement about CPSO oversight of Physician Assistants.

Proposed Changes to Alternative Registration Pathways

Reading time: 3 minutes Council is proposing substantive revisions to an existing registration policy in order to bring increased clarity to applicants and the public.

2021 Election Dates

Reading time: < 1 minute We are moving our Council election from the Fall to the Spring. We provide some key dates for those physicians in Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9.

New Eligibility Criteria for Council Election

Reading time: 2 minutes Council has approved new election eligibility criteria. If you are considering running for Council election, please learn more about the new criteria.

Introducing CPSO’s New President, Vice-President

Reading time: 2 minutes Introducing Drs. Judith Plante and Janet van Vlymen, our new President and Vice-President, respectively, appointed at the December meeting of Council.

Two New Council Members

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Roy Kirkpatrick is the new academic representative from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and Mr. Rob Payne is a new public member from King City.

Update on OntarioMD’s Notification System

Reading time: < 1 minute OntarioMD listened to physician feedback that its Health Report Manager tool was sending too many notifications about the availability of COVID-19 test results to physicians’ EMR inboxes.