Please note: Dialogue will implement the new governance terminology approved at the December, 2023 Board of Directors' meeting. The following terms have changed: Board of Directors (the Board) replaces Council, Board Chair replaces President, Board Vice-Chair replaces Vice-President, Director replaces Council Members/Councillor, and Annual Organizational Meeting replaces Annual General Meeting.

Latest Articles

Creating an Inclusive Space

Reading time: 8 minutes We provide guidance on how to make your practice a safe place that encourages gender-diverse patients to share all their health concerns with you.

Conducting Sensitive Exams

Reading time: 5 minutes Communication prior and during intimate exams are key, and allow the patient to feel a sense of control. A former chair of the ICRC provides further guidance.

Depression in Youth

Reading time: 4 minutes A new, first-of-its-kind online tool is summarizing best care practices for supporting youth managing depression and helping build capacity in the system for a much-needed service.

CPSO Launches a Podcast Series

Reading time: < 1 minute In this monthly program, we talk to experts on topics such as medical regulation, quality care, physician wellness, and initiatives to address bias and discrimination in health care.

March 2022 Council at a Glance

Reading time: < 1 minute We present highlights from the March meeting of Council, which included a presentation by Dr. Jillian Horton about the causes and effects of physician burnout, and ways to mitigate it.

Recording of Appointments

Reading time: 3 minutes We provide some guidance as it becomes more common for patients to request to record their medical appointments via audio, video or photography.

Supply Shortage Consequences

Reading time: 4 minutes Physicians are urged to conduct medication reviews to help determine what, if any, therapeutic consequences may result when changes to a medication regimen are needed.

Annual Renewal

Reading time: 2 minutes As of Monday, April 11, 2022, you can complete your Annual Renewal on the Member Portal. Please review and, if necessary, update your contact information.

Notice of Council Election

Reading time: 2 minutes It’s that time again — Council Elections! This year, Council Elections will be held in Districts, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Nominations open March 11.

District 9 Election Results

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Madhu Azad, a Thunder Bay physician, has become the newest member of Council, having won a seat in a recent by-election in District 9.

By-Law Circulation

Reading time: 6 minutes At its most recent meeting, Council was presented with several proposed by-law amendments. They are now being circulated to the profession.

Registration Policy Changes

Reading time: 2 minutes Recent developments in the registration landscape have rendered two existing policies unnecessary and required updates to several others.