Please note: Dialogue will implement the new governance terminology approved at the December, 2023 Board of Directors' meeting. The following terms have changed: Board of Directors (the Board) replaces Council, Board Chair replaces President, Board Vice-Chair replaces Vice-President, Director replaces Council Members/Councillor, and Annual Organizational Meeting replaces Annual General Meeting.

Latest Articles

New Pathways for Physicians Trained in Osteopathic Medicine 

Reading time: 2 minutes As a result of changes in accreditation, the Board is proposing to allow more physicians trained in osteopathic medicine in the United States a licensure route into Ontario.

Chair Reflects on Board Meeting Decisions

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Ian Preyra, Board Chair, discusses some decisions that came out of the recent Board of Directors’ Meeting. An infographic capturing meeting highlights accompanies his message.

CPSO Board of Directors Elections and Appointment 

Reading time: 3 minutes Elections held in Districts 6, 7, 8 and 9 saw the return of four incumbents as well as a new Elected Director and the appointment of a new Public Director.

Discipline Summaries

Reading time: 3 minutes We present several short summaries of recent cases heard by the Ontario Physicians and Surgeons Discipline Tribunal.

Reporting Requirements Policy Out for Consultation 

Reading time: 2 minutes We want your feedback on one of CPSO’s most accessed policies, Mandatory and Permissive Reporting.

Respirologist Making a Difference in Thunder Bay

Reading time: 3 minutes For her work, Thunder Bay’s sole general respirologist, Dr. Birubi Biman, was presented with a CPSO Board Award.

Small Changes, Big Efficiencies

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Ryan Banach, a Toronto family physician, discusses how making small changes to how you organize your practice can realize big efficiencies in workflow.

Using AI Scribes in Your Practice

Reading time: 3 minutes As tools that can capture your conversations with patients, digital scribes address a common pain point. But important considerations must always be kept in mind.

Building a Culture of Compassion Through Peer Support 

Reading time: 3 minutes A newly launched program developed by the OMA’s Physician Health Program is facilitating peer support connections between doctors.

Governance Modernization: A Strategic Assessment

Reading time: 3 minutes The Board of Directors has embarked upon an initiative that will be used to support recruitment efforts for future Board Directors and shape Board training and education programs.

Helping Newcomers Find a Home for Their Health 

Reading time: 4 minutes Dr. Madura Sundareswaran, a Peterborough family physician, is recognized with a CPSO Board Award for her work in helping immigrants, including refugees, navigate the health-care system.

The Between Times

Reading time: 4 minutes An expert in artificial intelligence (AI) in health care refers to the present as “The Between Times,” the period between envisioning what is possible with AI and its widespread adoption.