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‘In Dialogue’ Episode 9: Dr. Jonathan Wong

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Jonathan Wong, a family physician with Inner City Health Associates and program lead for the Street Clinical Outreach for Unsheltered Torontonians (SCOUT) talks about providing health care to unhoused and precariously housed populations, building trust within the community, and the system issues revealed during the pandemic.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 8: Dr. Jon Novick, OMA PHP Program

Reading time: 3 minutes Dr. Jon Novick, a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, addiction medicine specialist and Medical Director for the OMA’s Physician Health Program talks about the vital role the confidential program plays in physician health, physician burnout and the importance of understanding it as a system issue vs. an individual one, and the stigma around seeking care.

Provide your Feedback on OHP Standards

Reading time: 3 minutes Council released for consultation a redesigned and revised set of draft standards for out of hospital premises (OHPs). The standards are part of a larger effort to re-evaluate the program.

Human Rights in the Provision of Health Services — Consultation

Reading time: 4 minutes A draft policy that sets expectations for physicians regarding the provision of health services in accordance with accessibility and human rights legislation is now out for consultation.

Medical Assistance in Dying — Consultation

Reading time: 3 minutes Physicians are being asked to participate in the Medical Assistance in Dying policy consultation — the first comprehensive review of the policy since its initial approval in 2016.

Specialist Recognition

Reading time: 2 minutes Council approved an updated Specialist Recognition policy that clarifies eligibility requirements, streamlines content, and is more concise and user-friendly.

Tips for Quality Improvement Initiatives

Reading time: 5 minutes Participating in Quality Improvement initiatives can allow physicians to achieve measurable changes that make a real difference to patients’ experience.

Biliary Atresia Screening

Reading time: 4 minutes In November, Newborn Screening Ontario will begin providing parents with a tool to use at home to help them identify when something might be wrong with their baby.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 7: Dr. Ritika Goel

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Ritika Goel, a family physician, activist and the inaugural Temerty Faculty of Medicine Social Justice, Anti-Oppression and Advocacy Theme Lead, UofT, talks about treating marginalized populations, diversifying voices at the decision-making level, engaging in allyship and broadly applying the equity lens.

‘In Dialogue’ Episode 6: Dr. Chase Everett McMurren

Reading time: 2 minutes Dr. Chase McMurren, a family doctor and nâtawihôwêw (medicine man) talks about non-traditional approaches to medical education and patient care, specifically Indigenous methods of healing; and cultural humility.

A Dark History, a Persistent Fear

Reading time: 19 minutes Antisemitism is on the rise and of concern to the College. When any racism or religious prejudice makes itself felt in a health care setting, it takes a toll on doctors and those they care for.

CMPA Virtual Care Panel Discussion

Reading time: 6 minutes In deciding whether to provide virtual care to their patients, physicians should be guided by what is in the patient’s best interest and the safety of the medical care being provided.

New Temporary Class of Registration Proposed

Reading time: 4 minutes Council approved a regulation to create a new temporary class of registration designed to support mobility within Canada. The regulation is subject to government approval.

A Leader in Care, Compassion and Continuous Improvement

Reading time: 6 minutes Dr. Georgina Wilcock, a Scarborough obstetrician and gynecologist, has worked tirelessly to help people new to Canada navigate our health system to ensure they receive the best care possible.


Reading time: 12 minutes For the thousands of Ontarians who are either suffering from absolute homelessness or are precariously housed, access to health care can be problematic.